Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flunk Day is not Tomorrow!

Dear Readers, Flunk Day was yesterday! It was a great time and I had fun with chatting with current students, faculty, staff and Alumni... oh and did I forget to mention I didn't have any class? I love waking up the the sound of Flunk Day Committee members banging on doors and screaming down halls "it's flunk day". I love smelling the grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches on the quad. What I love most however is how excited everyone is to enjoy some good weather and be with one another. Long Live Flunk Day! Thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Talking about Coe when not at Coe

Dear Readers, I hope all is well. This past week was a very exciting one. I spent a lot of time catching up with friends as well as finishing up a few fun class projects. Along with that I was able to go to Chicago for a college fair with an admission counselor. I had a great time talking with all the prospective students from the Noble schools about the great things Coe has to offer. After the fair was over I got back in the car and headed to Cedar Rapids. On the ride back I got to thinking about how much I really enjoyed talking about Coe. I began to think back to all the experiences I had and the one's that made my time here special. I remember when I was a prospective student and my admission counselor was trying to convince me that I should make the trip out to Iowa from Detroit Michigan and here I am now trying to convince students from Chicago to do the same thing. Coe is a place that I am proud to have attended and I feel it is safe to say many of my classmates feel the same way. Thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Admitted Student Weekend

Dear Readers, The time for big bands, lots of new faces, and tons of kohawk pride is here! I am talking about admitted student weekend or ASW. I think it is safe to say this is a great time to be on campus, especially since the weather is starting to get nice and everyone will be finished with a lot of their big test. I personally have a soft spot for ASW, when I was a prospective student I came to ASW and I really appreciated what I gained from that experience. During ASW I was able to meet even more faculty and staff, talk to current students, stay over-night, sit in on classes, and even meet my future roommate. Before ASW I still had little to no clue what Iowa and the Cedar Rapids area was like, but after making the trip down I was able to find out more about the city and it's culture. Well Friday is almost here and campus will be welcoming 200+ students to campus and showing them some kohawk pride. An added bonus is the big band we have coming this year We the Kings will be performing in Eby Fieldhouse and is open for all ASW students to attend. I must say they have some pretty catchy tunes. Feel free to check them out before coming to visit http://www.wethekingsmusic.com/ Once again thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness at Coe College!

Dear Readers, Intramural basketball season is underway at Coe! I am excited to say I will now be adding another weekly workout to my list of things to do and I am happy about it. Here at Coe I would say we have a pretty competitive intramural culture, filled with both men and women who just love to get out there and sweat a bit. I am glad that things have started it is always fun to set a team with some friends or try to get on a team with people you don't really know to well. It is awesome to see some of the relationships that a team sport can develop. One of the more interesting parts to our intramural culture is the amount of people who stick around just to watch other teams play. I would say that Coe is very supportive as far as the community goes in that matter. I have also been doing a lot of Jogging. I have a jogging class Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am-9am and I got to say it takes some dedication to get me out of bed that earlier to go and run. It has been beneficial however I feel better and more energized later in the day even though I am getting a little less sleep. Other than that I am just waiting until Presidential Ball this April. I just recently took some pictures for one of the posters that will be hung-up promoting what sort of attire people should wear to the ball. As soon as I get a copy I will share it with you all. Just in case you were curious presidential ball was first started as a dance in honor of the current president of Coe James R. Phifer. This ball has become an annual tradition and one I hope continues late after I am gone! Once again thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back and Loving It

Dear Readers, I have just returned from what I would like to call an amazing spring break. No I didn't go to Florida and hangout on the beach and no I didn't go on a mission trip (however I have done both of those in the past). This year I went to Nashville TN, and got to experience a very lively music culture and what some would say a slightly southern style of cooking. I enjoyed every minute of it and the best part about it was I didn't have really any homework assigned over break. My professors all seemed to understand the importance in the students taking a little time for themselves. I did however have a project to finish up that I started before break. I was in Nashville from Sunday to Thursday and when I returned to Cedar Rapids I felt right at home, for some reason It was Crunch Berry Day at Quaker Oats so the city seemed to be filled with an appetizing berry smell all morning. Following my return to Coe I found myself hanging out and relaxing in my apartment. It is very nice that Coe offers students the opportunity to stay at Coe over breaks or to return early or leave late. As I look out the window today I am happy to say that it is looking warm outside. I am excited for shorts and tee-shirt weather. It is always nice to be at Coe in the spring, all the trees and flowers on campus come back to life with some very vibrant warming colors and the added bonus of playing outdoor sports with friends and my ultimate favorite which is Barbequing! Once again thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Break Time!

Dear Readers, It is hard to believe that spring break is almost here. I am looking outside right now and there is still snow on the ground and I packing swim trunks. It is fun to hear all the unique places that students plan to travel over there spring break. Some leave the country some go somewhere warm and others like to go visit family and friends. Along with that it is also fun to check out some of the fun trips that are offered through Coe. When have a group of students going to Joplin, MO this year to do some service work, I went to Atlanta my second year here for spring break with the office of Service Learning and my 1st year here I went to Florida with the Coe College golf team. I am looking forward to taking off this year. My goal was to find a way to make spring break cost efficient on my own. I was lucky that I haven't had to spend to much money on my vacations in the past due to Coe's help. This year I am going to Nashville TN for 5 days and 4 night for under $200. I was pretty happy with myself after everything was finalized. I look forward to hanging out on Music row which I hear is pretty exciting. Until Friday I still have to stay focused on my school work. I have a big mid-term test coming up and I just finished up with my off book line run through for my acting class. Once Friday rolls around though it will be bye bye hat and gloves and hello swim trunks! Below I have a few pictures from my Spring break trip to Atlanta. Thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III

Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Break? Nope not yet

Dear Readers, I hope all is well. I have been having a pretty good week. My classes have been going very well, this week I went on two field trips to one of the local gymnastic studios in Cedar Rapids. It was nice knowing how alive gymnastics is around here and to be able to use some of the equipment and learn a few new skills along the way. Along with this I have been able to pick up a new skills in my topics in graphic design class. It has been very exciting seeing the different task and projects have been able to complete. This weekend also been a big one for my acting class as well. Just yesterday I had to perform one of my scenes in front of the whole class. I'm very glad that I decided to take this class for has helped me improve on my body language and verbal communication skills. It is nice non-they call as a liberal arts institution and being able to see exactly where I'm benefiting from this type of education. For instance at some of the other schools that I was looking at going to from undergraduate career I would have never had the opportunity to take a acting course or graphic design course. While other than that there are few other things I'm looking forward to. Intramural basketball should be starting up soon, and I can't wait to get my team together and hopefully take home a championship my senior year! Also in a couple more weeks I will be signing up my jogging class every Monday Wednesday Friday at 8 AM. This will be a good way to get myself the shape for intramural basketball and also to make sure I don't pick up too much weight. I look forward to telling you all more about my graduate school decision in the upcoming weeks. It will be exciting to see how this whole process pays off. It is great to know that my college education here at Coe college has prepare me for the road ahead. Thank you for your time, Charles E. Cotton III